Beef Hook Weight (per beast) Price
Slaughter $100
Up to 260 kg $495
261 kg or more is charged at $1 per kilo $1 per kg (261+ kg)
Mercy Kill (without processing) $250
Mercy Kill (with processing) $200
Kill & quarter only $150
Travel outside 60km radius $1per km


Extras Price
1/2 beast split (each 1/2) $10
1/4 beast split (each 1/4) $30
1/3 beast split (each 1/3) $25
Vacuum packing (Frying steaks only) $20 per beast
Marinated BBQ Steak $7.00 each cut
Salami – 1.25kg $15 each
Sausage Tubes (no extra charge)
Extra Sausages $6 per kg
Seasoned Roasts $10 per roast
Flavoured Sausages (min. 10kgs per flavour) Herb & Garlic, Chorizo or Smoky Bacon $8.00 per kg
Gluten Free Sausages $8.00 per kg
Slaughterman to take offal $80
Slaughter-men waiting time $60 per hour
Storage fee (meat not picked up within one week of being processed) $20 per week

We guarantee a 7-10 day hang (on the bone) and ALL your meat back!

Pig Price
Pig to Slaughter (one pig only) $100 (on farm)
Pigs To Slaughter (more than one pig) $80 (on farm)
$50 (if brought in to us)
Processing fresh pork $1.50 per kg
Processing bacon $3.50 per kg
Whole pig to be boned out for sausages $40
Offal (per pig) $20
Sausages $6 per kg (plus $40 to bone out)
Flavoured sausages (herb & garlic, smoky bacon or chorizo) $8 per kg
Boned & Rolled – Fore Quarter $15
Snitzel $5 per leg
Whole pig – Boned, Rolled & Seasoned $100
 Pickled Pork $10 each

Sheep Price
Lamb to Slaughter (one lamb only) $50 (on farm)
Lamb To Slaughter (more than one lamb) $40 (on farm)
$30 (if brought to us)
Lamb To Process $40
Sheep (2 tooth +)To Slaughter (one sheep only) $55 (on farm)
Sheep (2 tooth +)To Slaughter (more than one sheep) $45 (on farm)
$35 (if brought to us)
Sheep (2 tooth +)To Process $45
Whole Sheep Boned, Rolled & Seasoned $60
Whole sheep boned out for sausages $30
Leg Steaks $5 per leg
Fore Quarter – boned, rolled & seasoned $10 per fore quarter
Spare ribs $5 per pair
Flaps – boned, rolled & seasoned $5 per flap
Rack $5 per rack
Offal (per sheep/lamb) $10
Sausages $6 per kg + bone out $30
Flavoured sausages (herb & garlic, smoky bacon or chorizo) $8 per kg
Mince $1 per kg


Please note:

Prices based on yarded or secured animals, accessible to our truck. Extra charges may apply for difficult animals or slaughter-men waiting time.
Meat returned frozen (unless otherwise requested) except vacuum packed meat and salami which are kept fresh.

All prices are exclusive of GST

Payment Details

Internet Banking
Homekill Services Ltd
Reference: Initials + Surname

Please note:

  1. Payment strictly by day of delivery.   All internet banking payments to be received prior to delivery.
  2. Payment options include cash, or internet banking (prior to delivery)
  3. Eftpos available at our premises.
  4. Any overdue payments will incur a penalty interest of 15% p/m
  5. All costs incurred in recovering debt is payable by the animal owner.

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